Estate Liquidation

Estate Liquidation

Service overview

The Runoff & Estate Liquidation Services group within A.G. Risk Management, Inc. provides the full complement of services to the administrators of runoff and insolvent insurance carriers. We provide full turn-key services for our clients that have both ongoing and runoff programs as well as administrative and insurance operations for companies/estates in liquidation.

Services performed

  • Claims & POC Management
  • Reinsurance
  • Actuarial
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technology

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Service professionals

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Bryan Enos is a key member of the AGRM team, acting as the Managing Director for our Finance and Operations practice groups. He leads the overall onboarding of new books of business and all aspects of the financial reporting process. His professional history includes over two decades at an insurance carrier focusing on all facets of accounting, and acting in a senior role managing Premium & Loss Reporting, Reinsurance Premium Payable and Loss Recoverable processes. At AGRM, and previously at Armour Risk Management, Bryan manages operations for an insurance company in liquidation, including all claim, finance, actuarial, and compliance work.